Toronto Half-Marathon Training

Between finishing school, starting my own business, and moving back to Toronto, this summer has been a write-off for triathlons. I am planning on coming back strong next year though, and now that I am settled in, am starting to get back into training mode.

I have signed up to run the Toronto Half-Marathon on October 14th, so I have about six weeks to get myself back into reasonable shape. Signing up for a race always gives me the motivation to get out there and train! I got out running about 4 nights last week, and am looking forward to ramping it up a little more this week!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on my triathlon blog. The biggest reason is that I haven’t been doing much training lately. I think it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve even been out for a run. Between school and starting a company, time has been at a premium lately.

Looking at my summer schedule, I already know that I am going to be doing much less racing this summer. I have at least four weddings to attend between now and November, and between bachelor parties and school, a lot of weekends are already getting booked up. I was debating trying to get into Ironman Florida in November, but I think that’s going to be out of the question. Looks like it’ll have to happen in 2008.

My goal is to run a half Ironman in late August or early September, then another marathon in late October. So, I’m looking for a half-Ironman within a 6-8 hour drive of southern Ontario in late August. If anyone out there has any recommendations on a good race to do, let me know!

Hope everyone is doing well with the training! I’m looking forward to spring and getting back outside!!

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I came across this site today, where you can vote on the best triathlon blogs of 2006. Looks interesting, I’ll have to check some of them out!

On Sunday, I was planning on signing up for Ironman Florida. I was down in Buffalo watching the Leafs play the Sabres on Saturday night with some friends, and arrived back home on Sunday afternoon. I went online to signup for next year’s race, and to my shock, the race had already sold out!! It took less than an hour!

Truth be told, I was debating whether or not I wanted to commit to an Ironman. With a heavy school load until next August, and not being sure of where I will end up in the fall, I am worried about how much time I will have to train next summer. At the same time, signing up for the race would be tremendous motivation for me to train hard all winter and get into great shape for next year!

There are 20 Ironman Florida qualifying spots up for grabs in Muskoka. My new plan is to train hard this winter and win one of those!!!

Lance Armstrong Runs the NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon was held yesterday. There was a lot of publicity about Lance Armstrong running his first marathon. Check out his post race comments in this article in the Toronto Star (you may need to register to view it – it’s free though).

It made me feel a lot better about my own performance in Toronto a few weeks ago to see that Lance, a seven-time Tour de France champion, called the marathon “the hardest physical thing I have ever done.” He did manage to break 3 hours though – 2:59:36. Pretty impressive!

Ironman World Championships

With everything I’ve had going on with school in the past couple weeks, I completely forgot to post about the Ironman World Championships, held in Kona, Hawaii on October 21, 2006. This race is considered one of the ultimate endurance tests in the world, and is the triathlon world’s equivalent to the Super Bowl.

What makes this race so special is that there are qualifying spots available to us average “age-group” athletes, who get a chance to race alongside the best in the world. Participants either need to qualify through another Ironman event, or win one of a few spots available through a lottery.

There were a number of athletes from the KW area competing at Kona this year. My marathon training partner, Wolfgang Schmidt, qualified in Arizona in the spring, and Bob Dawson qualified in his first Ironman at Lake Placid in July. Both of these guys are in their 40’s, and I am amazed at what phenomenal shape they are in. From talking with them over the past few months, I have really realized the commitment required to train for an Ironman. These guys think nothing of 6-7 hour training days. While training for the marathon, I did all my long Sunday runs with Wolfgang, and learned a lot about what it takes to hold up over those distances. It’s been a great inspiration to hang out with these guys and see how they train.

Anyway, both of these guys had great races. Wolfgang’s finished in 11:34:48, and was 108/166 in the M45-49 categoy, while Bob finished in 10:49:26, 123/215 in the M40-44 age group. Awesome stuff when you consider that they’re up against the best in the world. Congrats guys – hopefully one day I will be there with you!!

PS – Read the official Ironman race wrap-up. There was a 6.7 earthquake on the island the week before, which made things interesting!

PPS – Down below I posted about Dick and Rick Hoyt. There were back again this year. Read about it here!

I just came across a post titled “A Little Slapstick at the Chicago Marathon“. Looks like the winner fell on his butt as he crossed the line! While I wanted to collapse at the end of the race, I can at least say that I proudly ran across the line. Though I certainly wasn’t winning the race…

In another shocking development, I managed not to lose any toenails after the marathon. Probably because they were still growing back from the half-Ironman, but that’s a minor detail.

PS: It gets better. Apparently he had a concussion from falling at the finish line and spent two days in the hospital. Read about it here.

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I’m just registering with Technorati. I need to put a link to their site on my blog and post it. So here it is:

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That’s it! Let’s see if I can increase traffic on here!

New Season – Another Try at Blogging

Ahhh… I can feel spring coming on here in south-western Ontario!!! We had our first nice warm day on Saturday – it felt great to get out in the sunshine for a nice little run!!! I was hoping to get my bike out on the road on Sunday, but the rain scared me off… hopefully this weekend!!

Anyway, I just checked out the my web stats for my little blog here, and saw that there were actually 78 unique visitors to my site in February – that’s about 77 more than I would have guessed!! As you wonderful people probably noticed (if you stopped long enough to read anything), it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been on a little bit of a training hiatus throughout the winter, gave myself some downtime to let my body heal up and recover for another summer of activity!

Now, I know – I really, really, really should have been putting the last couple months to good use. Maybe I could have learned to swim properly or something. In all honesty though, I find it really hard to get motivated in the winter. First off , it is cold in this part of the world!! We get snow!! Biking outdoors is not an option, running on icy sidewalks is a little precarious, and it’s way too cold for me to think of getting into the pool! Secondly, I don’t have that urgency of an upcoming race to get me motivated! When the races are six months away, I feel like I have lots of time to get ready… I know, I know… that’s when I should be putting in my work if I want to do well!! But the break is nice, and helps save my knees!!

I do have some grand race plans this year… I want to push myself in terms of the distances I am racing in. I am hoping to do a half-Ironman triathlon in the summer, and a full marathon in the fall!! Quite the jump from my sprint triathlons last year, but I think I can do it, especially if I work hard on my swimming in the next couple months. My good friend and triathlon buddy Blair thinks I’m crazy, but hey… that’s all the more motivation, isn’t it?

In addition to my race goals, I am going to try to stick with my blog throughout this season… I promise this time!! So come back soon to see how things are going!! And if you’ve got any training tips for me, please send them my way – I need the help!!