Wow… it’s been while since I’ve posted on here. For a variety of reasons (work, health) I didn’t do any tris at all in 2009, or much racing in general. I did manage to squeeze in an old favourite of mine in October, the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon. I hadn’t trained too much, so was happy to pull out a respectable time (for me, anyway).

With the great weather we’ve had here in Toronto over the past couple weeks, I’ve been out running a few times and have started to think of the 2010 season. I’m again likely not going to get into too many tris, since getting to the pool has become a bit of a hassle (or that’s my excuse, anyway).

I have made a committment to a few friends to join them for a great weekend of cycling in the Tour for Kids in August (four days, 100 miles or more each day). I’ll post the link to our sponsorship page once I get registered. I’m also thinking of heading to Niagara Falls again in October, though this time I may do the marathon depending on how I feel about long training runs in August and September.

Depending on how I feel, I may squeeze in a few other smaller events, though we’ll see how the summer schedule works out… hopefully the warm weather comes around for good soon, I’m looking forward to getting out more on the bike!


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