As I mentioned in a recent post, over the last few weeks I’ve started getting ready for the upcoming triathlon season, and am focusing on preparing for the Peterborough Half-Ironman on July 6th.

I have been following a slightly modified training program from Triathlete Magazine’s Week By Week Training Guide. This is a great book, as it contains programs for any distance of triathlon (from sprint up to Ironman), and for any level (there are 10 different programs for each distance). The programs vary based on your skill level and time available for training.

I am currently on Week #7 of the 20 week training plan, and decided to try Level 5, which is for somewhat competitive people who don’t have a huge amount of time to train. I thought it would be interesting to share how my week shapes up (Source: Triathlete Magazine’s Week by Week Training Guide).


Swim – Base Intervals (6×100) + Swim Sprint Intervals (11×25)
Bike – Short Hill Climbs (11 x 1 minute climbs, 80 minutes total)

Run – Speed Intervals (13 x 30 seconds, 52 minutes total)

Brick Workout: 1 hour bike, 30 minute run

Bike – Foundation Ride (90 minutes)
Swim – Fartlek Intervals (6 x 150 build / descend, 1900m total with warm-up and drills)

Bike – Long Ride (2 hours 15 minutes)
Run – Foundation Run (35 minutes)
NOTE: I will break these workouts up into morning / afternoon

Swim – Base Swim (1500m continuous)
Run – Long Run (1 hour 5 minutes)

There you have it. Assuming the swim workouts take me an hour, it’s about a 12 hour training week with 3 swims, 3 bike rides, 3 runs, and a brick workout. It’s definitely more volume than I have done in the past, and hopefully I’ll see the payoff come July!!


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