On Sunday, I was planning on signing up for Ironman Florida. I was down in Buffalo watching the Leafs play the Sabres on Saturday night with some friends, and arrived back home on Sunday afternoon. I went online to signup for next year’s race, and to my shock, the race had already sold out!! It took less than an hour!

Truth be told, I was debating whether or not I wanted to commit to an Ironman. With a heavy school load until next August, and not being sure of where I will end up in the fall, I am worried about how much time I will have to train next summer. At the same time, signing up for the race would be tremendous motivation for me to train hard all winter and get into great shape for next year!

There are 20 Ironman Florida qualifying spots up for grabs in Muskoka. My new plan is to train hard this winter and win one of those!!!


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  1. Anonymous @ 2006-11-09 14:50

    Good man! Believe me, the satisfaction and excitement of qualifying through a feeder race adds to the thrill of racing!!!

  2. Hey Dan,

    Found your website through the comment left on mine. Hope things are going well and good luck training my friend.


  3. Dan,

    I came across you blog via a different post and then I saw this one. Bummer that you didn’t get in to IM FL. I was only able to becasue I had a friend help me, I was out of town the day registration opened. That sounds like a good motivation plan, train as hard as you can to get one of thoese qualifying spots. Hope training is going well. Hope you make it there…