I came across a post on the Waterloo Cycling Club Triathlon forum the other day. There is a new documentarty being released profiling 4 elite triathletes as they prepare for Kona in 2005.

The movie is called “What It Takes”. Check out the website, http://www.witmovie.com.

Looking at the cities in which it is being released to theatres, it doesn’t look like it’s coming out around here (strange because 3/4 athletes profiled are Canadian). I’m definitely considering ordering it though. The trailer looks pretty good. Check it out here: http://www.witmovie.com/media/wit-teaser-small.mov. You’ll need Quicktime to view it.

If anyone reading this has seen this movie, maybe you can post a review for us. I’m sure it would be motivating to watch, especially through the winter when I’m finding it tough to get pumped up about training!


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  1. Anonymous @ 2006-10-25 11:39

    I definitly recommend “The Long Run” as another motivational movie. To tell ya the truth I moved to Ottawa and was sad i wouldnt be doing any more races until the next year as I just recovered from a ripped Achilles………..though I watched that movie…..looked at October 15th and I knew i had to race!!!!!!!! I definitly recommend getting it! If it works for me, it’ll surely work for you!

    You know what? Im pretty sure someone will have “What It Takes” on a P2P in no time! hehehe