I just came across a post titled “A Little Slapstick at the Chicago Marathon“. Looks like the winner fell on his butt as he crossed the line! While I wanted to collapse at the end of the race, I can at least say that I proudly ran across the line. Though I certainly wasn’t winning the race…

In another shocking development, I managed not to lose any toenails after the marathon. Probably because they were still growing back from the half-Ironman, but that’s a minor detail.

PS: It gets better. Apparently he had a concussion from falling at the finish line and spent two days in the hospital. Read about it here.


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  1. Great job Dan! You’re making some serious gains. Both blogs are super interesting. It’s great to get a play by play take on your endeavors. You’re right about what you said in your MBET blog…’it’s execution that counts’… an idea is only as good as how far you’re willing to take it. Keep it up Dan!