The Trisport series runs two races at Guelph Lake – one in June (see my results from Guelph I), and another on Labour Day weekend. Racing the same course once near the start of the season and again near the end gives you a great chance to measure how much you’ve improved over the summer. I knew I had gotten stronger on the bike, and have been working on really pushing the runs, so I was hoping to shave off a little over 3 minutes and break the 2:30 mark!! I was looking forward to giving Blair a good run for his money as well!

SWIM: 1.5 km – 31:16 (2:06/100m)
10/14 M25-29, 104/215 Overall

I really haven’t been swimming much since my week up at the cottage before Belwood, so I wasn’t looking forward to the 1.5km swim. I was about 1:20 slower than Guelph I – I definitely paid the price for slacking off on the swim training!! Blair pulled off a 27:45 swim, so I had 3:30 to make up on him!!

BIKE: 43.5 km – 1:15:27 (34.6 km/h)
4/14 M25-29, 28/215 Overall

First note – my practice in the transitions helped me knock off over 30 seconds off my T1 from Guelph I. As I said a couple posts ago, this is easy time to shave off.

I have been feeling really good on the bike lately, so I really wanted to try to hammer it out. I knew I was a little slower on the swim, so I pushed hard on the bike. I was about 2.5 minutes faster, and I was extremely happy with my 34.6 km/h average and 28th overall bike split. It was even more satisfying after the race to see that I beat out Blair and his $3000 speed machine by 19 seconds!!

RUN: 10 km – 41:28 (4:09/km)
3/14 M25-29, 29/215 Overall

I have been working on trying to push myself on the run, the last few races, and it paid off again here. I was almost a minute faster than in June. At the turn-around, I knew I was only about half a kilometre behind Blair, and trying to catch him, I ripped through the last 2 kilometres, both in under 4 minutes! My swim had done me in though, and I finished 30 seconds behind.

Total: 2:30:25, 5/14 M25-29, 33/215 Overall (Full Results )

I missed my goal of breaking 2:30 by 25 seconds, but I improved by almost three minutes over Guelph I. Despite the relatively weak field (Ironman Canada was last weekend, and it was a long weekend), I was very happy with my bike and run performance, both were in the top 30 overall. Blair managed to break the 2:30 mark by 4 seconds, so he had a good race too! Comparing my results to the top people in the race, it’s obvious that I should be spending a lot of time in the pool this winter – that’s where I can make the biggest gains!!


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