Wow – I can’t believe it’s been 10 days already since my last post!! Here I promised I would write more!! One of the reason’s I haven’t written is beacuse I haven’t had much time for training lately! I was away last weekend, watching my beloved Maple Leafs in Pittsburgh, and didn’t get back until Monday night. Then Tuesday night was “jam night” with my “band”, out Wednesday night, and next thing you know, the week is almost over!!

I have managed to pick it up in the last couple days though. Squeezed in a quick little 5km run on Wednesday night, got on the bike for 40 minutes last night, and just got back from a good session in the pool!! But I’ve decided that if I’m really going to make this half-Ironman thing happen, I need a more organized training plan. So this afternoon I’m going to try to lay one out for the next few weeks. However, my biggest challenge is going to be fitting in training with all the other fun things that I like to do!!

I think this is a problem that just about every non-professional or part-time athlete struggles with – how do you make time to train with all of life’s other demands? I find it hard enough – and I live in a low-maintenance condo and don’t have kids to worry about! I don’t know how some people do it!!

For me, another difficulty is that I have had such a varying schedule lately. I’ve had late nights at work, social commitments on different evenings, weekends away – it’s tough to give that stuff up!! So it’s been especially hard for me to stick to a regular schedule!

I’ve been fighting this by forcing myself to squeeze in my workouts where possible – like my 5km run on Wednesday or my hard 40 minutes on the bike last night. I’m hoping that all these little workouts here and there will add up to have me in shape for triathlon season this summer!!! I guess we’ll see in a couple months!!


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