Ahhh… I can feel spring coming on here in south-western Ontario!!! We had our first nice warm day on Saturday – it felt great to get out in the sunshine for a nice little run!!! I was hoping to get my bike out on the road on Sunday, but the rain scared me off… hopefully this weekend!!

Anyway, I just checked out the my web stats for my little blog here, and saw that there were actually 78 unique visitors to my site in February – that’s about 77 more than I would have guessed!! As you wonderful people probably noticed (if you stopped long enough to read anything), it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been on a little bit of a training hiatus throughout the winter, gave myself some downtime to let my body heal up and recover for another summer of activity!

Now, I know – I really, really, really should have been putting the last couple months to good use. Maybe I could have learned to swim properly or something. In all honesty though, I find it really hard to get motivated in the winter. First off , it is cold in this part of the world!! We get snow!! Biking outdoors is not an option, running on icy sidewalks is a little precarious, and it’s way too cold for me to think of getting into the pool! Secondly, I don’t have that urgency of an upcoming race to get me motivated! When the races are six months away, I feel like I have lots of time to get ready… I know, I know… that’s when I should be putting in my work if I want to do well!! But the break is nice, and helps save my knees!!

I do have some grand race plans this year… I want to push myself in terms of the distances I am racing in. I am hoping to do a half-Ironman triathlon in the summer, and a full marathon in the fall!! Quite the jump from my sprint triathlons last year, but I think I can do it, especially if I work hard on my swimming in the next couple months. My good friend and triathlon buddy Blair thinks I’m crazy, but hey… that’s all the more motivation, isn’t it?

In addition to my race goals, I am going to try to stick with my blog throughout this season… I promise this time!! So come back soon to see how things are going!! And if you’ve got any training tips for me, please send them my way – I need the help!!


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